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Often times, scholarship funds will require their applicants to submit academic resumes for review before selecting individuals. Undergraduate students applying for graduate school can include one of these resumes with their request for admission. Academic resumes are also helpful in the case of recent college graduates who are lacking any considerable work experience; companies will take this information into account in lieu of any formal work experience.

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Using a template makes the format and style process of creating an academic resume easy as pie. Finding academic resume templates may be even easier than you ever imagined. You can find them pre-loaded on widely used computer programs. Creating your own academic resume is as simple as filling in your information.

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Formatting an Academic Resume

A CV or academic resume is a special type of resume traditionally used within the academic community (educational institutions, institutes, and research associations). Some typical instances when a CV or academic resume would be used are in application to a graduate program, in submission for advancement within an existing position in academia, to outline professional credentials in application to a grant/fellowship, research assignment or sabbatical, or in application to a position at a different academic institution. The CV is traditionally longer and more detailed than a regular resume and lists degrees earned, teaching and research experience, publications, presentations, professional memberships/involvements, conference attendance, and other related information.

In addition to any of the notable honors, awards, or achievements that are highlighted; a person writing an academic resume should also include the standard information that is generally expected. A resume writer should include relative personal information, education and employment history, other activities the person is involved with in their school or community, and any personal references he or she may have.Professional Profile
Self-motivated student-focused professional seeking to leverage both experience and education as an Academic Advisor. Detail-oriented and organized individual who exemplifies professionalism, and an ability to manage multiple projects and tasks at any given moment. Demonstrated history of successful counseling of students with diverse academic interests and professional goals. Highlighted leadership qualities and the ability to work with individuals from varying backgrounds, while promoting team values. Driven partner eager for professional growth, increased responsibility, and the opportunity to apply extensive experience and education in a challenging environment.