• An activities resume can be given to

• In addition to college admissions, activities resumes have multiple other uses--as an attachment to a scholarship application, as a part of an application for special programs such as Girls’ or Boys’ State; and as part of a job application.

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Activities resumes should not only identify activities and awards, but also explain what these activities and awards are, what positions you have held and what you accomplished.

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11th grade is the time to put everything you have done into a formal, first draft activities resume.

Nothing impresses employers more than reading about an individual’s community service work on their resume. This extracurricular activity teaches responsibility, teamwork and the importance of giving back to the community.

High school students are not very familiar with adult tools such as resumes, so this is another part of admissions where you can be of real assistance to your child. Starting in the 9th grade and continuing through to 12th, remind or record yourself everything your son/daughter does, experiences, accomplishes or wins. During the 11th grade, offer to show your child how to put a resume together. Finally, make sure your student has a finished activities resume by summer before his or her senior year.

• Developing a very clear, organized and articulated activities resume is a way of being “a little bit better and a little bit different” from your competition.After test scores and grades, admissions officers look for how students spend their time in and out of school. An activities resume is not only a way of providing colleges with information about how you spend your time, but also a means for you to learn something about yourself. Update: An alert sent to students around 5:50 p.m. Tuesday said the situation at Clark Hall has been resolved the and the area has been opened up again. All activities can resume, the alert said.