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Is your student prepared to list out all activities, awards, and experiences for college applications? Even if your student is not a rising senior, I recommend starting an activity resume now and updating it as he or she gets closer to college application time.


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Share the tips for creating an activity resume below with your student to get him or her started.

• In addition to college admissions, activities resumes have multiple other uses--as an attachment to a scholarship application, as a part of an application for special programs such as Girls’ or Boys’ State; and as part of a job application.

After test scores and grades, admissions officers look for how students spend their time in and out of school. An activities resume is not only a way of providing colleges with information about how you spend your time, but also a means for you to learn something about yourself. • Activities resumes should not only identify activities and awards, but also explain what these activities and awards are, what positions you have held and what you accomplished. • Developing a very clear, organized and articulated activities resume is a way of being “a little bit better and a little bit different” from your competition.Everything is working, but on android when i press the home button and then return to the app by pressing the application icon. I won't get an activity resume event.Not all colleges allow the Activity Resume to be uploaded as part of the application, but if they do, they appreciate the fact that the applicant took extra care to create one. Any student-athletes who are considering playing sports in college can use the Activity Resume to let college coaches know more about their accomplishments both on and off the field. Also, an Activity Resume can be given to teachers and counselors who have agreed to write recommendations on a student’s behalf.The Activity Resume is a great one, and the template is quite useful. I had my daughter fill one out, and it is quite useful for copying and pasting for the numerous college applications and scholarship forms she is (and will be) completing. Thank you!