Junior Architect Resume Sample

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Here is an architect resume of Linda A. Builder that presents the career profile of a candidate with vast work experience. The resume gives a detailed description of the work performed by the candidate till date. The work summary is well supported with a mention of the key proficiencies, computer and language skills. It presents the accomplishments in addition to skills and knowledge. Responsibilities are not described separately but expressed in way of career highlights for each year for every organization. The responsibilities are elaborated, emphasizing every aspect of the job and covering up work details from the year 2000. The resume gives details of the patents, publications and education as additional information. This section marks the end of the resume. This is an excellent example of a well structure resume. However, we would recommend job seekers to be more concise in writing their resume.

Design Architect Resume Sample

Interior Architect Resume Sample

However, do remember that a well written architect resume is the key to success. So, when you write your resume, do take out time and devote some efforts to write it.