Visiting Artist Lectures/Presentations/Critiques

You need to think outside of the box when deciding on what information to provide on your artist resume. Furthermore, you need to think about the implications of that information beyond the paper.

11.A. Artist Residencies (or Artist-in-Residence)

This art teacher resume sample really stands out. We included an eye catching icon and a positive quote to entice the reader to pick up the phone and call for an interview. Denise's education and credentials are relatively recent, for this reason we listed them right after the profile. When you review this resume sample you will see many keywords, these are critical to obtaining a job interview, especially if your resume is scanned. Denise's job history is very solid, making it easy to come up with several relevant accomplishments. .

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Sample Makeup Artist Resume. Experience 2003-Present KC Consulting; Freehold, NJ Training Consultant & Freelance Makeup Artist; Traveled throughout the .
Makeup artists at Free lance are on LinkedIn. . Makeup Artist at Take 2 Productions, Makeup and Special Effects Artist at Free lance; Past: Makeup at Resume, .

The most important part in an arts resume is thus the work experience section as we all know. This section will give a strong standing to your resume and differentiate you from other candidates. Thus, you need to stress on this part and prove your ability there.Comments: Depending upon the nature of the presentation, an artist may use any one or a combination of headings, such as: Visiting Artist Lectures, Lectures, Presentations, Panels, Workshops, Critiques, and Guest Lectures. For lectures at conferences, be sure to list the title of your paper or presentation, as well as the title of the session (in italics), title of conference or sponsoring institution, city, and state. Some universities like to see specific dates as well, which should be placed at the end of the entry.