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Funny as it may sound, yet for an artist it is not that easy to create such a project as a resume. My writer did an amazing job on my artist resume turning it into a skills perfect presentation complying with professional resume writing rules and reflecting my true artistic nature as well. Thanks a lot!
Jeremy Martin, USA

Artist resumes should contain the following:

Both options are straight-forward -- that said, option two is less cluttered... and may be preferred if you want that 'clean' look overall. (Note: Some artist resume experts suggest to include periods of academic study after degrees earned. However, art dealers have told me to keep this section simple. In other words, they don't care if you spent a semester 'here and there' -- they only want to see degrees earned.)

Makeup Artist Resume Sample

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Indeed, Ziibra, which launched last week, wants to be the destination for painters, musicians and designers to promote and sell their wares as well as share their creative processes. But, more than that, the digital platform believes it can act as a digital portfolio of artist resumes for brands while connecting the two for campaigns—creating a source of revenue for the community.

When seeking a new job in any field, it is important to have a resume detailing your education and experience. In the field of art, it is equally important to have a portfolio with examples of past work to showcase your talent. In order to present the best impression it is wise to review sample artist resumes and portfolios online. These samples can provide inspiration for the best presentation of your skills while keeping the information concise.An artist resume may include some or all of the following sections, in addition to the standard Education, Experience, Honors and Awards, and Skills sections: