What else can you say instead of "attached please find my resume"

You finally have a list of translation agencies and you are ready to start a mass mailing. You address the agency, attach your resume, write your language combination in the reference line and maybe even add a short note attached please find my resume for your review. Then you waitand waitand wait, and wonder how come they are not answering you. Here are some reasons why:

Enclosed/attached please find my resume and a copy of my college transcript.

"Hi Bob,

Attached please find my resume. I'm interested in a copywriting position.

All the best,"

Attached Please Find My Latest Resume - Zaebus Blog

Attached please find my resume

Attached please find my resume in application for an internship with your company. As you will see from my resume I graduate in May 2009 and possess several strengths and skills that will enable me to be an effective team member and leader for Target such as: