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Your auto mechanic resume needs to convince skeptical employers that you are the right match for their vacant position. To do this more effectively, be sure that your resume highlights the following key job skills and abilities: (click on the links to see power words and resume example statements for the described skills)

These are my 3 auto mechanic resume formats that are most often usedfor a resume.

An Auto Mechanic resume needs to be designed very carefully, as for an Auto Mechanic, his skills are very essential, they are judged on the basis of the skills they possess. The job role of an Auto Mechanic is a very tough task, as they have to diagnose the problems in the automobiles, and treat them in the earliest time possible. They are judged with the speed of diagnosing the accurate problem in the vehicle, and giving it the right treatment. The Mechanic can be either dealing with all the aspects of a vehicle, or could be dealing with only specific areas of the vehicle. An Auto Mechanic's job is to repair either a specific part, or could be an assembly of parts.

Automotive Mechanic resume examples

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Auto Mechanic Resume Objectives
when drafting up a resume for an auto mechanic, it is necessary that the resume should not only be experience related or experience oriented but should also be education oriented as well. This is because people when hiring you will trust you with their beloved and costly vehicles, they need to know that you are not only experienced but also have the knowledge and the know-how of the mechanics and dynamics of the equipment. When drafting up a resume for an auto mechanic, do not focus on just one aspect but on the whole resume. Firstly start off with a job objective. A job objective is a statement that clearly defines the objectives of the applicant for the job or position he/she is applying for. Moving on, education should be mentioned in a chronological order with the latest being mentioned first and so on. The same should go for previous work experience. The work experience should mention details about the prior employers along with the time duration that the applicant has worked for. The work experience should also include the duties and responsibilities that were accomplished for the previous employer or job. Projects should be mentioned next with the same details. Certification are also important for an auto mechanic and they should be stated in a clear manner. Don’t forget to mention the validity of the certification as well. Moving on, skills and abilities should be mentioned. Always remember to mention skills and abilities that are aligned with the job description and are related to the job position one is applying for. Do not ever exaggerate or lie when drafting a resume since there is a good chance that your resume will be double checked.