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Bad resume advice abounds. Lots of tips you see online are based on outdated information. Avoid these three big pieces of misinformation and your resume will have a much higher chance of being seen and considered.

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The resumes linked in the question may or may not be examples of bad infographic resumes, but I'm afraid they are not examples of good resumes, and I'm about to give some reasons why. In case the owners of the resumes see this question, I should point out that the following comments are in no way reflections on their talents or experience, but merely comments on why these particular resumes are not working as well as they could. I'm also aware that the resumes posted may be outdated or posted out of context, but for the purposes of this answer, I'll review them as if they've been submitted on their own for a job application.

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Throughout my professional career of both starting and bankrupting businesses, and just about everything in between, I’ve scanned over 1,000 resumes, many of which are very poorly written. I like to think I’m a pretty positive person, but I know what it is like to read a bad resume, I will illustrate below seven ways in which you can improve a bad resume.

A bad resumes often times lacks both measurable and individualized results. Recruiter Jason Weber says it “drives him crazy” when candidates highlight their company’s accomplishments rather than their personal contributions. Here are a few examples to help integrate concrete results into your resume and change a bad resume into something an employer will notice:One particular sign of a bad resume for me is a resume that is full of grammatical errors. If I am the employer and I saw one, it will definitely be a factor. My advice is to make sure to proofread your application first before sending it to the recruiter.You can transform a bad resume into one that gets noticed by ensuring that it is correctly formatted as your future employer already has enough on his or her plate to have to struggle through reading a poorly constructed resume. Below are some things to double check before submitting your application:Finally, we would be remiss if we didn't acknowledge that the job market is serious business these days. Truly, we owe these "bad resume pioneers" a debt of gratitude for not only entertaining us, but for showing us what to avoid as we pursue our prospects in a job-scarce "global economy." As The New York Times noted in November of 2002, the average resume is rife with the kinds of mistakes that cause an inundated hiring manager to fire off their "thanks but no thanks" email templates. Given the imperfect competition, a good resume is an edge we can seriously use. As for the bad ones, they never really seem to get their due. It's about time.