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Oftentimes the most difficult part of writing a document is simply the beginning, mastering the basics and knowing how to go about it, and CIO resumes are no different. Make sure that your CIO resume gets off to the best possible start with professionally written CIO resume samples that you can count on to teach you all the right things!

What does a poor CIO resume look like? What would be a CIO resume that would really not excite you?

A top-notch CIO will be passionate about "reaching revenue, profit and other overall business goals through the use of technology", which is why he looks at resumes with an eye-peeled for a laundry list of business skills and pretty much ignores any CIO resume chock full of technology terms.

CIO Resume: How does this Poll Impact The Resume & Your Brand?

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In this article, I’ll discuss the do's and don’ts in building a CIO resume, and I'll identify some unique rules specific to creating an effective technology resume. I’ll also discuss techniques for targeting a specific employer, and how best to follow up on a job inquiry.

My CIO resume services include a focused personal brand analysis designed to extract your success stories in context - with an in-depth look at your value from an employer's point of view, unearthing your competitive edge.A CIO resume should not hold too much technical stuff. The resume will be read by many members who are not experts in your field. Even the technical achievements should be rephrased so that anyone can understand. Never write vague statements about financial success or management success. Always showcase achievements with figures or percentiles. Do not crowd your resume with your skills or achievements in a single area. A CIO candidate is expected to have expertise in financial, technology and management areas. The achievements highlighted in your resume should be spread across the fields.