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You can play both high school golf and AJGA or other big junior events. The majority of AJGA and other big junior events are held in late spring and summer and will not conflict with your high school golf season. High school golf allows you to be a part of a team and learn how to exist and thrive in a team environment, which is important to coaches as they are looking at recruits that will help build a cohesive team as well as individual ability. Certainly, if your goal is to play college golf, you should expand your tournament schedule to include local, regional and national junior events as well. As you broaden your tournament experience, you will be able to learn more about your game and focus in on golf programs that appropriately align with your abilities. I do believe there is value to playing on your high school team; ultimately you have to decide what is the best for your given situation.

Which aspect of your college golf resume is considered the most vital when trying to get the attention of college coaches?

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