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When compiling information to include in your resume, you will want to remember to include, at a minimum, your educational background, information regarding any research or publications with which you have been involved, and your teaching experience. Remember that your resume is an important document; if you are unsure how to effectively format it, you should search online for a college professor resume sample or template to help you figure out where to begin.

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If you are applying for a position as a college professor, it is very important for you to include all of your previous research studies and published works. A college professor resume will be incomplete if you do not remember to provide this information. Provide details on the subject of study, dates the research was conducted, and the most essential information gained from the study. If you contributed to a published work, give details regarding the subject of the article, the publication in which it occurred, and the date of publication.

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Your educational background will be the most important element of your college professor resume. Colleges and universities are responsible for the education of their students, so in turn, they will want to ensure that the individuals providing educational instruction are properly educated in the subject or field they are teaching. Beginning with your highest level of education, such as a Doctorate or Master’s degree, list your educational achievements from the most prestigious backwards to your Bachelor’s degree, including the name of the institution from which you received each degree, the field in which it was earned, and the dates you attended the school.