Competency based resumes and Competency based interviewing

For some more help with competency based resumes, check your local book store and the internet where you’ll find many samples that will help you with layout issues, content and structure or consider reviewing what Education Career Services and Career Services International offers by way of a complete career management manual as well as specific career topics and services.

View our before and after sample resumes - outcome or value based and competency based resumes.

The competency based resume is suitable for an application where your most relevant and substantial experience is drawn from two or more previous roles. For example, when applying for a senior management role or making the first step in a career change and you want to demonstrate transferable skills and knowledge.

Competency based resume writing

Competency Based Resumes

During these competitive times, let us work out the employment puzzle for you. Our unique style of competency based resume services is a first for Australia in resume writing services.