You'll learn the 10 Rules for constructing an effective Resume

Is this (writing or taking notes on somebody's resume during an interview) some kind of social faux pas that I'm not aware of and should be avoided? I just want to make sure I'm not unaware of some kind of social norm that I'm wantonly violating, like so much effort goes into constructing a resume that people are bothered when it's "defaced" by my notes.

2. When constructing a resume, try and use as many keywords as the actual ad has.

Human resources jobs include positions such as Human Resource Managers, HR Directors, Human Resource Generalists, Benefits Administration Specialists, Employee Orientation and Training Specialists etc. While constructing your resume, be clear about the specific position that you are looking for. Previous research in this area will be of great help.

Choosing formats for a human resources job resume;

Using the right format is very important while constructing a resume for a human resources position. For example, if you're looking for a director position, use a skills-based layout which will help the prospective employer to see what your skills are as a director which will be at the top of the page.

If you've worked your way up from the bottom of the ladder, use a chronological layout, displaying your success in moving up the ladder and the development of your skills.

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Constructing a resume is an art, Voelker says.

Any word processing program can be used to compose and print your resume. Automated software specifically designed for constructing a resume is very helpful and easy to use. One of these programs is . It is available in most office supply stores and is less than $50.00 to purchase. Another option is to use . WinWay Resume is loaded on PCs in the career resource area in WorkOne offices. WorkOne services are part of the State of Indiana public employment services and are available at no cost to job seekers. If you use a WorkOne office to generate your resume take along a 3.5 floppy disk or flash drive to save your resume. You can return to update or print more copies of your resume without cost.