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This sample career counselor resume is a variation of the combination style. The job seeker has a long list of skills and achievements to highlight, so she has organized her skills into several smaller groups to ensure that the skills and accomplishments section of the resume is easy to read at a glance.


When writing a counselor resume, the career objectives should reflect your passion and dedication towards counseling. Good use of action words will help you to describe your career objectives and you as a person in whole. Educational background and any certificate achieved come after objectives. If you have a license from the American Counseling Association, you can start counseling practice on your own.


Counseling Resume

The counselor resume should indicate your field of specialization in an informative and well-defined manner. It should help the reader understand where you have worked for and under what capacity. Since counseling is something related to helping others, the resume should demonstrate your urge to help others that is more inclined towards their benefits.