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Crane Operators are responsible for the safe and orderly operation of all cranes and lifting gear aboard the ship at the immediate discretion of the Deck Pusher(s) and Tool Pusher(s). This includes keen oversight of all crane and boat operations, stowage of deck cargo, bulk material transfers, organization of drilling equipment, maintenance on all cranes and lifting gear, and adequate housekeeping in all related spaces.

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When applying for a professional construction role like crane operator rigger, you will want a well-written crane operator rigger resume that highlights your capabilities and is tailored to the job you are targeting. This pictorial construction resume design is perfect for the task and is one of many from a full range of professional construction resumes you can choose from to enhance your job application as part of our resume service.

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All camera crane operator resume cover letters can lead to new jobs if written well and with a clear understanding on the part of the applicants what the job involves––such as moving cameras on a film set in order to achieve desired shots. The sample below displays this job seeker’s experience in doing this work and his knowledge of the industry in general, which should be covered in any camera crane operator resume cover letter.