5 insanely creative resume formats | Rena Ling | LinkedIn

Take a look at these people who have created inspiring, creative resume formats that have won the hearts of employers worldwide.

These include Chronological, Performance, Functional, Targeted and Creative resume formats

Our creative resume formats are unique and they need to be, particularly if you are job searching through traditional means; i.e. internet job sites, the newspaper classified ads and other advertising media.

One of the most creative resume formats is the flyer-style resume

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You’ve likely heard about applicants using videos, infographics, or other creative resume formats (, anyone?) these days. And with good reason! Thinking outside the bullet-pointed PDF can be an awesome way to stand out from the stack, especially when you’re applying to a startup or creative company or to a position that values design or interactive skills. "Doing extra credit like a video (even if it’s an unedited webcam clip) can go a long way in distinguishing yourself from other candidates," , PR Lead at .