The ACNPC or acute care nurse practitioners certification was launched in 2007. The certification as such doesn’t guarantee any special practice privileges, because nursing practice is regulated by the person’s state board of nursing. This certification is not a absolute necessity in order to be able to work in an intensive care unit, but they are still preferably to prospective employers, due to the intensive knowledge of critical and other related field that are required if a aspiring candidate hopes to pass this tests. Many in the field see the acquiring of this certification as proof an applicant’s dedication and high level of familiarity with and experience in her field. Also it signifies the applicants desire gain critical health care knowledge and skills, which all in all qualifies such a person to deliver a higher level of care to their patients. The critical care nurse resume stating this qualification will obviously draw many employers attention.

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The Critical Care Nurse Resume Template is designed with successful job hunt in mind. This is a very demanding career. Critical care nurses deal specifically with patients who need a high degree of vigilance and care. Many of these patients may be unable to live without an advanced level of nursing and will require maintenance involving such things as intravenous medication. Critical care nurses will be required to be knowledgeable in medical technology, medical procedures, and possess a strong understanding of psychology. It will be essential for a critical care nurse to possess the ability to go from zero to sixty at a moment’s notice due to the nature of intervention management.