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But maybe most emblematic was Bagouet’s "La valse des fleurs.” On a lovely summer evening it sent a dozen crinolined, heavily bewigged and white-powdered young dancers — both male and female — in a glacially paced promenade through town, undeterred by crowds of camera-toting tourists. On a bucolic lawn, one of them stripped into gamine-like undergarments and broke into a series of athletic somersaults and high-flying leaps. Then she stepped back into her gown, and the dancers resume their stately procession, leaving rose petals in their wake.

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The feature show is a sight to behold. Feature dancing involves a show beyond the mere act of stripping, although the stripping will come. 3 sets a night, with a dramatic flair to each. 3 songs to each set. But not until the dramatic into by the DJ with a reading of the stars bio and dramatic stadium jam music and intense lighting and ocassionally smoke or fireworks. The first song of the feature dance is an elaborate costume show with a theme and a trip around the tiprail to collect tips. Up close and personal with enthusiasm and fleshly contact. The second song is stripping to reveal the body of the goddess. More tip rail action is possible. The third song is the merchandise song, with the feature dispensing posters and DVD's to the cheering crowd, merchandise first rubbed on private parts for maximum effect before being tossed to the loudest admirer. Finally, the feature retires to a booth for autograph signings and polaroid photos with her fans, while the house dancers resume the grueling work of the evening.

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The dancers first raise one heel slowly off the ground and, lifting their hands to face level, strike a pose. Then they begin their dance with a series of slow and fluid gestures, moving in a wide circle. At the end of each sequence of gestures the dancers pause for a few seconds and strike a pose again, anticipating the approval of the audience. After twenty to thirty minutes of such dancing and merrymaking the bitan arrives, accompanied by two attendants. He is dressed in traditional Hunza clothing: loose shirt and pants, and a choga, or robe. The musicians stop playing, the dancers resume their seats, and the eager spectators turn their eyes toward the bitan. The attendants fetch the chato goat from a shed and tie it to a tree behind the spectators.

A dancer resume is written by a professional who specializes in a single or multiple forms of dance and does perform at a professional level in various events - cultural or commercial.First, consider the dancer resume as your audition package. A well-written and neatly formatted resume will help in highlighting your skills for the position. It should focus on what you are best at. Since lots of people have accepted dance as their career, the competition in this artistic field is monstrous. If you want to prevail over others, make the dancer resume persuasive to top the selection list.