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This is a sample for data analyst resume. The job profile of a data analyst varies according to the industry for which he is working, but his primary responsibility in all industries is analyzing the data requirements depending upon the industry requirements. A data analyst should possess a four years degree in mathematics, statistics or any other quantitative field. This sample resume written in the form of an article will help you in writing your resume.

    Data Analyst Resume Example

Basically the data analyst is responsible for handling the variety of data, prepare financial and demographic charts, assisting the staff members in product information, and providing strong and effective service to the clients. Therefore, individuals should possess efficient ability in impressing their clients for highest level of service.

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Data analyst is responsible to upload information by hand or mechanically after some necessary manipulations in the data to create specialized reports for the other colleagues. Workers in this profession are responsible to check the incorrect information and format it to meet with the quality controls policies of the company. He/she is responsible to rectify errors that can occur during manual data entry process.