Define resume template pagesand page sections.

The researchers define resume padding as falsifying information on a resume to make acandidate look stronger. The hiring managers who believe that a significantnumber of resumes are padded consider that (on average) 52% of the resumes they receiveare padded. But just 13% of job seekers surveyed admitted to ever having padded theirresumes.

Define resumetemplate pages and page sections.

The very pattern we could not use for user-defined procedures weemploy here, because we assume that the application of willalways return without any unusual transfers of control.

Resume | Definition of Resume by Merriam-Webster

Define prescreeningfor applicants who apply without a job opening using this resume template.

If an applicant applies without a job opening, orif the job opening is not associated with a resume template, the systemuses the default resume template specified on the .

If an applicant applies withoutselecting a job opening, the system invokes the prescreening definitionfrom the default resume template for the site.