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This resume of Chris Chavez is a fine example on ways of drafting a well-structured resume. The resume portrays vertical representation of the career information of Chris. Find below a peer education teacher resume for your reference. The first section of the resume is drafted to present additional information besides work experience. The first section showcases the areas of expertise, educational qualifications, and computer skills of the candidate. The right side of the resume begins with a career description and expresses the key knowledge areas. The career track is explained in the next section, from the position of a volunteer teacher to a peer education teacher. This section does complete justice in defining each role and responsibility. The next section draws out the details of professional development of the candidate. A separate section is made to specify the certifications, highlighting the qualities of Chris. The resume closes with information about the candidate's affiliations.

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Education isn’t as important to employers as candidates often think it is. While most job ads out there will list some educational certification as a requirement for the role, education on a resume is one of the things that employers spend the least amount of time on. So while it is still important that your resume highlight your education – don’t take up too much space on it.

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Removing dates of education on a resume is a step too far don't you think? But the dates do give away the persons age!

I feel like in graphic design, its more about self motivation than just education (not to say thats not true for every other field), like starting your own freelance business etc. but I have been looking into development online and have found resources all over that have taught me so much (javascript mainly). So I'm wondering if I have all these resources available to me, than what is education going to give me that I can't find on my own (in the dev. field) because I think an employer will look at an online portfolio and tell what someone knows and doesn't know about development, rather than look at previous education on a resume. but anyways, thanks for the comments, super helpful!