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If the application instructions indicate that you should send your resume to a specific email address, you should consider the body of your email as your cover letter. You should refrain from listing the date and their contact information. In an email, you do not need to include a handwritten signature before your typed name. After your typed name you should include your contact information. Additionally, you should type the phrase "Attached: Resume" below your name to let the employer know that your resume is attached to the email. The same rules apply if you are emailing an inquiry letter.

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You might think you don't need to include your email address because your recipient can hit "reply" to email you. However, if your recipient forwards your email to someone else who might like to reply to you, that person might not be able to see or access your email address. By including your email address in your signature block, you make life easier for others (this will contribute to your success in the job search and on the job), and help people reach you.

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How to Attach and Email a Resume

If the employer's website or a person doesn't instruct on this (you could ask!), and you just have an email address, make your email a brief version of your cover letter — boil it to the essense — and indicate that your resume and cover letter are attached. The attached cover letter can be a bit more detailed.

Be very careful. The auto-fill option that isbuilt into many email programs (where the program fills in theemail address of who it thinks you are writing to) is dangerous. Iknow job seekers who weren’t paying attention and ended upsending their resume to their boss by mistake. That’s onereason why using a dedicated email account just for job searchingmakes sense.For a first contact, email employers when an employer specifically invites or instructs you to do so — with instructions on the employer's website, a job ad, a verbal conversation, other reliable advice, etc. Obviously if an email address is provided by a person or website, you can use it. If you can't find an email contact, you might be safer sending a resume and cover letter via hard copy.