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A facilities manager is responsible for the safe and smooth functioning of a facility such as a shopping mall, a cluster of a company’s office buildings, a hotel, an educational institution, a convention centre or a resort, by supervising its maintenance and by regular evaluation of its condition.

Facilities Manager Resume Sample

Sometimes, a facilities manager may also be expected to take part in the management of catering, HRM, marketing, accounting, ICT etc; in such cases, you need to mention your familiarity with those functions, in a facilities manager resume.

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A facilities manager resume ideally puts forth in an efficient manner, the candidate's ability to oversee the management of commercial properties, to ensure the smooth functionality of the building after construction, thereby maintaining a suitable working environment. The resume should effectively highlight the job-seeker's understanding in his/her functioning at strategic, tactical, and operational levels. The role of a facilities manager is subject to the design, construction, planning, maintenance, cleaning, lease, hospitality, and occupancy of the workplace.