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The dramaturg and director Jutta Ferbers thus continues her series of famous resumes – after the homage to Heinrich Heine with THINKING OF GERMANY and evenings about Kurt Tucholsky, Frank Wedekind, Robert Gernhardt, Ernst Busch – dealing with the poets of the past centuries with a present-day perspective.

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9. Famous Resumes: Explain what a resume is to students and show them an example of one. Divide class into small groups and have each group read through one of the three books listed in this unit. Ask the students to record the jobs, experiences and accomplishments of the main character. Have each group write a resume for that character. Extension: Hold a job fair by selecting job advertisements from the local newspaper. Write the job titles on the board and have a member from each group copy them onto a sheet of paper. Read each job description aloud to the class one at a time. Ask the students to determine which job they feel their famous person is qualified for and be prepared to explain why.

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