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Your profile is your freelance writing resume. When you write a proposal for a job, the client will look at your profile page and will look at samples. If you want to write creative fiction, then you should post a few short pieces that show your capabilities. Clients like to see what their potential writers can do before they make decisions.

Preparing a freelance writer resume is something that independent contractors can struggle with

Writing a resume is hard in any profession. For writers, a resume is another sample of their work. If there are any typos or grammar issues, it will reflect poorly on the individual's writing ability. To get the best jobs, writers should use the following ten hints for creating a freelance writing resume.

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If you send out a generic resume to different employers in different industries, you'll may find yourself getting back generic rejection letters. You have to tailor your resume to catch the eye of your employer, even if it's only geared toward a specific industry. For example, your freelance writing resume should not look like you're applying to become a non-profit director. Before you send out your resume, figure out how you can rewrite or rearrange it in a way to capture the employer's attention. Make sure you include any experience you have that would make you more marketable as a candidate.