When you list your qualifications and past accomplishments on your front desk receptionist resume, include action verbs such as "organized", "scheduled", or "maintained." These words communicate to hiring managers that you are competent at managing sets of data and communicating relevant information from that data to other people. This kind of skill set does not necessarily need to come from previous jobs. You can also list these qualifications you gained through volunteer work or school extracurricular activities. While references are usually not listed directly on a front desk receptionist resume, keep a separate list of at least three past employers or other people who are familiar with your skills and work ethic.

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Here are 5 front desk receptionist resume objective statements that can be used in the objective or qualification summary section:Front desk receptionist with over 7 years of experience of telephone work, organizing appointments and striving to meet continual deadlines. Possesses a B.A. in Business…

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Front Desk Receptionist Resume Sample

Even if your prior job experience is limited, your front desk receptionist resume should ideally showcase your organizational skills. Many receptionists also work in an capacity that entails scheduling employers' meetings and appointments on a daily basis. Keeping this schedule current is often one of the most important job duties in this kind of receptionist position. A qualified receptionist also needs good spoken and written communication skills, and these should also usually be highlighted on your resume. Clear speech is ideal for telephone answering duties, and many receptionists also need to take neatly written phone messages throughout each day.