Functional Skills Resume Examples

When it comes time to actually sit down and write that resume, focus on these skills, not your job history for its own sake. Use a functional skills resume format, especially if you are changing career fields. This is a resume format that explains your abilities and competencies in categories, such as Writing, Customer Service, or Management. Under each heading, you can explain your experience and skills, making sure to focus on those that are transferable, not job-specific. Chronology still has a place, though—make sure your resume includes a list of your past positions, or else your future employer may wonder just where you got all those great skills.

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A functional or skills resume emphasizes the skills you have and the experience you have gained, instead of the chronology of your work history. The functional resume is the best option for someone who wants to change career paths, a recent college graduate, or for a person with large gaps in their employment history. The focus of a functional resume is the transferable skill that you have acquired through your work history.

functional skills resume examples

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