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I have been associated with Great Eastern Energy since 2012.I am responsible for the day to day Geological & Reservoir related activities for Exploration and Production of Coal Bed Methane. A total number of 16 exploratory wells and 150 production wells have been drilled till date to degasify the coal seams. During my tenure of GEECL, I have gathered knowledge about core well drilling, CBM/CSG gas measurement technique, log interpretation, Permeability testing, Perforation & Hydraulic fracturing design and execution at various well sites. Related to Geological and reservoir activity, I have involved in reserve estimation of CBM basins, fault mapping, and production forecasting of CBM wells as well as full basin prospect evaluation. Duties and Responsibilities

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(7) Falus, Gy., Szabo, Cs. & Hidas, K. (2004) Deformation in the upper mantle during the formation of the Pannonian Basin: deformation analysis of peridotite xenoliths from Neogene alkali basalts. 32nd International Geological Congress, August 20-28, 2004, Florence (Italy). Program, 207.

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