A good resume format offers a job seeker plenty of flexibility.

Hi..I m Aditya. I m pursuing BBA II yr. I want a attractive and good resume for appling in finance field and in banking sector. Actually I m looking for part-time job So please send me as soon as possible

Plz mail me a good resume for IT freshers……

However, the writer only mentioned his skills and experiences but he did not give instances where those skills and experiences benefitted others or his past employers. If you have such experiences and skills, it is always important to include them in your resume format. This is because such experiences will make your resume format to stand out since employers are looking for job seekers who have track record of success in their endeavours. The conclusion of the resume format is also properly written. The writer mentioned the documents he enclosed. However, he did not tell the employer how he wishes to be contacted for further information, interview or details. It is a good resume format in general even though it is not completely excellent.

hipls mail me a good resume format

Plz mail me a good resume for IT freshers……

With the advent of so many different careers, there is much competition when it comes to choosing a good resume format. Employers spend only 15 seconds to view a resume; boring or mundane resumes are tossed aside and appealing resumes are picked up. See the following resume examples for an esthetician’s position – what will an employer want to see in a resume? Look below!!!