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And that’s it! There is nothing hard about creating a gosh-darn good resume, and in fact I am about to make it easier. You can easily download both my personal resume and the template I use so you can have a good example to work off of. Good luck out there!

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So what makes the "incomplete record" technique different from standard methods used to write a good resume? The majority of the difference is in what you put at the beginning of the document. Regardless of the format you select, an "incomplete record" resume must begin with a Qualifications Summary that appears directly below your name and contact info. This 3 - 4 line section should use relevant to highlight your strengths as an applicant. This will ensure that recruiters see your most , even if they don't read your entire resume.

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The secret of how to write a good resume is to throw out the traditional ideas you've seen in countless resume examples. Instead, you need to write a new version of your resume – one that's best described as an "incomplete record." Ironically, presenting an incomplete portrait of yourself is the only way you can stand out from the crowd in today's .

A good resume cannot get you a job; but a bad resume can prevent you fromgetting the interview - and without the interview there's no chance of gettingthe job. contains 125 free to download resume templates and, with 89 inbound links, has a reasonable reputation too. It does not have the ‘bells and whistles’ of Monster but it ‘does what it says on the tin’ and provides a lot of good quality resume formats. is the most popular online job board in America (alongside CareerBuilder), and is a trusted brand. The Monster resume advice section contains 100 resume writing articles and 31 cover letter advice writing articles, all written by named writers who will stand by what they say. One additional advantage of Monster is that, being international, you can use it to find good quality resume advice on destinations outside the USA.Of course, plenty of good resumes feature a qualifications summary at the beginning. So what exactly makes the "incomplete record" resume incomplete, and thus unique? You do. In order for a resume to be an "incomplete record," you must first become an incomplete job seeker. This is designed to help employers, who face two challenges when trying to hire good workers: