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However, beyond describing career goals and articulating credentials, a good resume demonstrates a candidate's skills in making proposals and presentations. This gives insight to an employer in how a candidate might communicate on behalf of an organization and in effect serves as a preliminary sample of one's writing skills.

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Good resume writing involves writing with a clear purpose. Always write with a purpose in mind and establish a means of achieving that purpose. To write an , you should know your purpose in writing, know what the prospective employer is looking for, use appropriate words and phrases and present information carefully. Keep in mind that the manner in which you write represents you. This also gives the employer an impression on how you are going to relate to the company if employed.

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Good resumes present a candidate's credentials in reverse chronological order, allowing search firms and employers to quickly identify a candidate's most recent experiences. A solid and complete timeline of experiences helps employers and search firms gain a full understanding of a candidate's background. This facilitates the employer's ability to develop meaningful interview questions regarding each position held.

A good resume cannot get you a job; but a bad resume can prevent you fromgetting the interview - and without the interview there's no chance of gettingthe job. What you should know about writing a resume is that your aim is to arouse the employer to call you up for an interview. Therefore, writing a good resume should be considered as writing a piece of marketing paper with the intention of selling yourself to the employer.