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For this project, I was thinking about making "The Google Resume" that would clearly stand out from the rest...
Before that, other Google resumes were made out of static HTML and for some, Just assembled pictures on a website... (lol)
None of them were offering more than 2 pages... and I needed a multilingual website.

Eric Gandhi got an email from Google after creating a resume that resembled a Google results page.

"During my time at Microsoft, Google and Facebook, I've seen even the most brilliant candidates fumble. Some get too nervous, some don't prepare adequately, and some lack the right experience. The Google Resume addresses each of these issues and helps candidates develop a more compelling application. I would strongly recommend this book to anyone pursuing a tech career."

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Well, make the Utimate Google Resume with the Ultimate Open Source CMS.

In closing, Google and Bing can be a good resource to utilize when searching for resumes and trying to tap into potential candidates your competitors may be overlooking. Even if they were using these search engines, there are number of variations that can change the results and find overlooked resumes. In the example I provided, we only came up 8 resumes, but that can be easily changed by doing things like excluding the area code radius and using the zip codes of other cities where you know this kind of talent lives-that is, if you're company as a relocation budget. You can also add or subtract keywords to broaden the search.