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Maintenance groundskeepers are responsible for the upkeep and appearance of outdoor areas. The work is often seasonal and labor-intensive. Entry-level positions require little or no formal training, but education programs and certifications are available for those wishing to become supervisors or plant care specialists.

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While it can be difficult to know what will set a resume apart from the other applicants, a sample groundskeeper resume can offer great inspiration as a point of reference to see what future employers are seeking. Samples can provide tips on how presentation and style can help to highlight skills. A resume is the first point of contact between an applicant and future employers and as a result, it really is important to make sure that it is written well.

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Groundskeeper Resume Sample

You might think that it is not really easy to write an objective for a groundskeeper resume. In actuality, it is not such a difficult thing. Groundskeepers have a lot of skills that they can easily use to create solid resume objectives. So, what will a resume objective for a groundskeeper look like? The first thing that you need to do is make a list of skills that you can use. Your skills and how you have used them to create a difference in a company is what will make your resume objective shine.