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Hopefully, this high school student resume example will help you better understand what the resume should look like (for high school students) and where the various sections of the resume should be placed.

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Not much is expected from any potential employer, when the resume states that it is of a high school student. However, one should definitely meet the basic requirements such as a professional structure and organization of the details and sections of the resume, as it is the least expected from an individual, who is pursuing high school studies. While writing a high school student resume sample, one may not be able to furnish any details about professional work experience. However, even if you did babysitting for your neighbor, or took any private tuition for the classmates or friends, it will help the potential employer to understand how organized you are.

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Being a student is the most difficult part that one faces. If you have ever tried writing a resume before, you will not probably agree with the statement. If I am not wrong, those students must have considered resume writing as a cumbersome task than studying. However, even if you have tried writing a resume or you are just a fresher and ready to start with one, let me first congratulate you for selecting to seek a professional exposure during high school studies and to help you do it in a better way, we have given a example of high school student resume that you may tailor as per your details and requirement. Even if you have no work experience, do not worry and concentrate on your educational achievements section.

When it's complete, proofread it several times. Then print it out and ask others to review it, too. It must be neat and easy to read. Don't stress about it too much. It's not difficult to compose a high school student resume, it's just time-consuming.

Now get busy!