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I've seen young adults who have no idea how to balance their checkbooks/bank accounts. They don't know how to compose a resume. They don't know anything about credit checks, they don't even know how to look for finding information about getting loans. Their parents did all of that for them and never bothered to teach them. And now, they have to actually know this stuff, and don't know the first thing about it. They get heavily into debt and think the answer to that is going bankrupt and moving back home with mom. They think that, because they don't know any better. And they don't know any better, because their mom didn't think independence was a lesson she needed to teach.

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In May 2008, she coordinated Invest In Yourself, an empowerment seminar for women, at Wor-Wic Community College in Salisbury, MD. Attendees learned job readiness skills, including how to compose a resume, prepare for an interview, search for employment opportunities, and dress for success, as well as tips on financial literacy (budget planning) and personal protection. Sponsored by Verizon Wireless, Invest in Yourself was supported by the and Worcester County, in partnership with the Maryland Commission for Women, The Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Prevention Coalitions of Worcester, Wicomico and Somerset Counties, and the Life Crisis Center of the Lower Eastern Shore.

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Resume and cover letter need some updating? At this workshop you will increase your understanding of how your resume and cover letter are used in the job search process and make sure they target your Public Health career goals. Learn how to compose a resume that reflects your greatest strengths and talents and explore different resume formats.