Geeks On Finance: How to Create the Perfect Resume

You send out your resume. Then the waiting game begins. How long before the phone rings? Still nothing. The silence frustrates you, doesn’t it? Well, you’re about to learn how to break this silence. You’ll see exactly how to create the perfect resume. A resume that has the power to make your phone ring.

How to Create the Perfect Resume

What: MISOMA Resume Clinic & Networking Event Where: Student Union I Room 3B When: Tuesday, October 14 5:00 PM-7:00 PM Things To Look Forward To: Learn How to Create the Perfect Resume for IT and Business Roles Find Out the Qualities of a “Good” Resume Q/A on Resume Creation, Formatting and Editing Upcoming Networking Events […]

How to create the perfect resume - Debt Management

How To Create The Perfect Resume OR Makeover Your Current One

If you’ve ever been to Barnes & Noble, Borders, or any major book store, you’ve probably seen countless books on how to create the perfect resume. You’re not sure which one to buy because they all look alike and you basically just go for the one with the best cover and a price to match. Some of you find them to be highly beneficial, and the rest of you just sift through information that you already knew and try to figure out a way to get your money back for an obviously used book.