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How to Make an Effective Resume

How to Get A Legal Job® provides a and describes the processes and strategies starting right from the on campus law firm recruiting events in law school. The book also covers lateral transfers and recruiting strategies for jobs outside of a law firm. What struck me about the description of the on campus recruitment process in law schools was how much it mirrored my own experience. Ms. Bryce certainly and has . In terms of content, the guide covers a number of different areas including, establishing your career goals, how to find a legal job, benefits & things you should look out for when using a recruiter, how to research an employer, how to make an effective legal resume & cover letter, how to effectively interview and how to handle offers.

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How to make an effective resume (high quality)

I have seen many job search guides on the market but I have not come across many that focus specifically on the legal market. When I started law school I had worked for over 10 years in an investment bank and thought I was a job search expert. I was shocked to find out though that when it came to hiring the legal community did things differently. For example, when I went to see a career counselor at my school with my resume in hand thinking that it was already perfect, the counselor provided me with excellent suggestions that improved it and made my resume consistent with a legal resume. The resume did not resemble my old resume at all and I learned the important lesson of how important it is to understand the specific market & conform your materials and strategy to the way people expect to see things. A generic resume, cover letter or job search guide cannot do this. How to Get A Legal Job® does not just generically talk about topics like how to make an effective resume or cover letter but instead .