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How to apply for and interview for a job. Do you know what to wear to an interview? How to put together a resume? How to conduct yourself during an interview?

How to Put Together a Resume Fast | Secrets of the Job Hunt

B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management, 2011
Agents' Assistant,
DDO Artists Agency

"My SAEM classes have helped tremendously with the work that I do. I believe that the hands-on experience I received helped me greatly with putting myself out there and taking on any responsibility given to me. I learned about contracts and negotiating them, how to interview and conduct interviews, how to put together a resume, the marketing and promoting of clients/products, and much more."

How to Put Together a Winning Resume - Dance Spirit

– Nice kit on how to put together a resume that will help you avoid age-bias. Includes list of strong verbs to use.

Just before he sold the business, he says he noticed a change in his younger employees. "I could see things were slipping as far how to interview, how to put together a resume, how to know what to ask and what not to ask."