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In January, Muse began her White House internship, working in its Office of Communications. Towards the end of that experience, she started looking for work. “My (White House) supervisors there were helpful with providing recommendations and feedback on how to update my resume,” said Muse. “My resume turned up at Interior. After several interviews, they decided I was the right one for the job.”

It was refreshing to learn how to update my resume

It would appear some people have had bad experiences with The Creative Group - more precisely - a bad experience with Google Maps. Since the very first time they contacted me in the Spring of 2012, the Austin crew has been absolutely fantastic. Kristen is forthright and works tirelessly to find the perfect match for your experience. She's even gone so far as to give helpful feedback on how to update my resume and which creative samples to show.

If you enjoy the freedom of working from home, want to test a company out and work contract-to-hire or just want a gig for a few months - I recommend TCG. They take the stress out of job hunting and get you an interview more often than not. Since Spring 2012, TCG Austin has gotten me in the door of four great companies for great contract work when I needed it.

Good people who are good at their jobs are a dying breed.

(I can vouch for the fact that they - in no way - engage in identity theft.)

How to update my resume and profile

Barbara helped me navigate how to update my resume in today's world of resume writing

Lisa's approach was easy to follow and her process not only taught me how to update my resume, it also taught me how to evaluate my background and skills against every job description