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A bio is not a resume. I’ve already written an excellent post (if I must say so myself) on . So I advise you read it if you’re looking on how to write an acting resume.

How to Write an Acting Resume Author: Plymouth School District

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Brad Bucklin of CareerPro Resumes and Video Symphony teaches you the ins and outs of getting a job.

An acting resume is basically a list of credits for those who have experience acting in theatrical or production performances. This type of resume could also be beneficial for those looking for jobs doing television commercials, voice overs, and radio spots. If you have played a role in a play, opera, commercial, television show, or movie, and are looking for more acting jobs, then it could benefit you to learn how to write an acting resume.

A resume for actors and actresses is different from other resumes because of the type of information that is included. When applying for an acting job, producers and directors will want to see what other roles that you have played, as well as have a good idea of what you look like. For this reason, an acting resume serves more as a list of credits than anything else.

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I was wondering how to write an acting resume

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