Great article on interactive resumes:

In an ongoing effort to offer the most innovative Interactive Resumes on any site, is proud to announce the addition of Google Plus as an option for our Virtual Paralegals. is quickly becoming an important tool for people and businesses to give their public “Plus” of a page or post. It is similar to Facebook “Like” buttons, but as Google Plus grows in use, it is a critical tool for every Internet user to familiarize themselves with.

Good story on why one should have an interactive resume. Thanks for pointing it out!

Since an interactive resume looks like a regular resume, it can still get through the at some larger companies. And hiring managers don't have to click on any links if they don't want to.

How to order your INTERACTIVE PowerPoint resume slide show?

Larabee gave us permission to post parts of his interactive resume:

Fleshing out the interactive resume is straightforward. There are prompts on the screen throughout the process. And you can see your work in progress as you go.

With an interactive resume, jobseekers actually know what hiring managers are clicking on and even the last link they clicked on before they stopped exploring other links on your resume. Welcome to the future! These four job seekers have picked up the skills of tomorrow and created some outstanding interactive resumes. 1. Robby Leonardi
Robby Leonardi’s website consists of two parts: an interactive resume and a design portfolio. The interactive resume is designed in a very interesting way, it seems like a SuperMario game in which the designer goes through his skills and experience. Summary: A new trend in presenting your future employer with a DIFFERENT, DISTINCTIVE, and CUTTING EDGE resume — PowerPoint resume slide show. Introducing an effective marketing strategy for job hunting — INTERACTIVE PowerPoint resume.