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The judges advised students that they should possess good writing and people skills, academic abilities, and be easy to get along with in order to get hired as a law clerk. The judges also mentioned that they like to see activities and interests on a resume that make the applicant stand out from the crowd.

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Rather than debating the merits of including...outside interests on a resume, it seems to me that [job seekers] ought to be using networks associated with those interests to facilitate connections with the organizations that [they] want to work for. That might be the best use of those ancillary interests.

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I spoke to a Duke program alum at Microsoft who told me that he would never put something his hobbies and interests on a resume submitted to Microsoft. On the other hand, when I networked with an alum in the consulting industry, he told me my interests and hobbies would be used to build his impression of me! While applying for a consulting position, ensure that your personality and interests are reflected in your resume. It shouldn't be the primary focus of your resume, but it should definitely be mentioned. Differentiate yourself from the pack.