Student Internship Resume Objective:

When writing your internship resume objective keep in mind that the employer wants to know what you can bring to the internship position, not just what you hope to gain from it.


Writing this type of resume should be started with a resume objective. The main aim of internship resume objective is to keep your resume focus. In most cases, the objective should state the nature of work you intend to do as an intern. Make sure that the resume objective is focused only on one resume position you are applying to. Avoid stating that you intend to serve in any capacity within the organization. In most cases, internships are available in companies and other institutions that offer services to the public. Therefore, you should always consider writing a service-oriented resume objective. Your resume objective should be short and precise, and should be clear of phrases which suggest that you intend to satisfy your personal needs, rather than the needs of the organization.

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