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3. Does my resume have to be printed on “resume paper?”
Yes, if you want to make the best possible impression – and you do. Unless you are in a very creative industry, it is best to stick with white or ivory resume paper. Use the same paper for your cover letter and references sheet so, that when the employer puts all of your documents together, you have a professional looking package.

Stand out from the crowd with this classic and classy ivory resume paper in an impressive 32 lb

I bought some linen ivory resume paper today and I thought that was good, but now everyone is saying that white is more crisp and professional. Which is better and more professional: white or ivory?

Another classic option is a cream or ivory resume paper, ..

100CT IVORY RESUME PAPER 100% COTTON. The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Many job seekers have a variety of questions regarding which resume paper to choose. More traditional job seekers continue to prefer the classic white resume paper with the watermark of the resume paper maker. Another classic option is a cream or ivory resume paper, which can help to distinguish your resume when it is in a pile with others.