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Because your job resume objective is the first thing he’ll read, he’ll be using thatopportunity to quickly size you up. Are you a professional, or a goof off? Have you done your homework, or did youskip that prep? Do you have a defined and realistic goal, or will any old work for any old paycheck do? Do you givea damn about the company, or have you just got your hand out? You’d be surprised how much one can tell from aresume’s objective.

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Here’s what to say in your job resume objective: "" If this happens to be the objective on your current resume, save someprospective employer the trouble and circular file that puppy yourself. Do I sound harsh? With all due respect, it’s a harsh business world out there and getting harsher by the day. When your resume hits the desk of a hiring official, you’ve got seven seconds to make a good first impression. And since your objective is likely to be the first thing read, your fortunes are riding on a mere handful of words. Here’s how to buy yourself another seven seconds, and another seven beyond that. In other words, here’s what you need to know to write a job resume objective that will keep the prospective employer reading.

How To Write A Job Resume Objective - 5 Minute Report

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