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Length: The traditional view is that a law student resume should be restricted to one page, unless the law student’s relevant experiences and past professional accomplishments warrant continuation onto a second page. More is not always better. Often, there are ways to use creative editing to fit a resume onto one page, while not eliminating much of the content.


The Mentorship and Law School RelationsCommittee directs the AABA’syearly Mentorship Program, which pairs law students and young attorneyswith more experienced attorneys who offer advice regarding coursework,jobs, life balance, and career decisions. The Committee also organizescareer nights, panels, receptions, and other events for the benefit ofthe AABA’s law student members, and publishes the AABA's annual LawStudent Resume Book, which is distributed to law firm and corporatehiring departments throughout the city. The Committee helps to build aprofessional AABA network that promotes the career interests of itsfuture peers, thus advancing the visibility of all AABA members.

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In this document, you’ll find a series of different law student sample resumes coming from different backgrounds. Try looking through the resumes, consider the pointers that each one provides, and try applying what you learn here towards constructing your own job application.

Having a good resume is important while searching for a legal job. A student resume should be organized, planned and well-written. This Law Student resume focuses on the legal skills and educational qualification of the applicant. It is necessary to include your hobbies and interest in the field. These tips will surely make your employer to review your resume and prompt to call you for an interview.