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Your resume is usually the first part of your MBA application that an admissions officer looks at, because it summarizes your work background, skills and abilities. It's important to make a good first impression, so here's some information on how to write a stellar MBA application resume.

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If you are applying to an MBA this year, you’ve probably noticed that top b-schools are not asking for many essays. requires two, asks for a presentation only and has made its one essay optional. This reduced application content makes your MBA Application Resume more valuable than ever. In fact, HBS and Columbia even allow resumes that go beyond the “one-page” standard.

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4 Tips for Your MBA Application Resume

After , the MBA admissions team should have a clear understanding of educational history, employment experience and career progression. Many applicants place emphasis on GMAT scores, ordering college transcripts, or writing essays while forgetting that the mba application resume is probably the first thing an admissions counselor reviews. The mba resume is a key document because it gives the decision makers an instant snapshot of a candidate’s professional experience. Each mba resume should project the unique qualities that an individual possesses and stress the kind of impact one demonstrated with regards to each work experience which led to successful career progression.