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An MBA application resume can only be as good as the candidate it represents — but it is possible for an otherwise great candidate to create a lackluster resume and harm his or her chances for admission.

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If only the top MBA programs would provide resume examples. What are they looking for?? One page or two? Executive summary or not? Education above or below professional experience? Can I trust the MBA resume template I found online?

Your resume is usually the first part of your MBA application that an admissions officer looks at, because it summarizes your work background, skills and abilities. It's important to make a good first impression, so here's some information on how to write a stellar MBA application resume.Make sure your MBA application resume demonstrates that you have the skills and qualities that MBA admissions officers are looking for. Provide evidence that shows how your education and work experience have helped you achieve your goals.Your resume needs to make a persuasive argument that shows why you belong in the MBA program you're applying for. While your GPA and GMAT scores are indicators of your ability to think like an MBA student, your resume shows how you've applied what you've learned to your internships and jobs. According to a 2008 survey by the Graduate Management Admission Council, admissions officers and employers that hire graduating MBAs both look for:Make sure your MBA application resume demonstrates that you have the skills and qualities that MBA admissions officers are looking for. Provide evidence that shows how your education and work experience have helped you achieve your goals.In addition to serving as a record of your education and employment history, your MBA application resume also needs to be connected to what you plan to do after you earn your MBA degree. Hone in on the results of your actions. To write a strong, results-oriented resume provide factual statements backed up by factual evidence, quantify your accomplishments as much as possible.Devote the most space to the achievements that relate to your future career goals. Only mention hobbies if they are relevant to your career goals. Work and educational experiences that aren't directly related to your future career goals should only get a brief mention. Show how your past experiences have lead to your future career goals. This guides the admissions officer reading your resume so they see the most important parts of your resume and how your past experiences can indicate future success.Use a size 10 font. Make sure it's a readable font such as Times New Roman. Use the following subheadings, work experience, education and additional.The top of your resume should include the following contact information:Your resume should include all post-college along with relevant internships. When listing your work history, be sure to include:Each bullet following a job listing should show what the situation was, how you solved it and what the ultimate outcome was.Most MBA applicants use the reverse chronological format for their MBA application resume. The advantage of this format is that it shows how your experience and interests have evolved over time. Try to keep your resume to one page.Here are some tips you should consider when writing your resume:From a distance, recommended formatting of a resume for your application to a top MBA program is not remarkably different than your job resume: a single page, clearly written, error-free, with just the right amount of white space, ensuring readability without sacrificing quality content. Contact Info sits atop the document followed by Professional Experience and Education sections. The “Additional” category is one thing that sets the MBA application resume apart because it helps communicate what separates you from the other bankers, consultants, and software engineers against whom you are competing. Following reverse chronological order is expected, so list your most recent undertakings first.