Military Sample Resume Template Example

Readers should be immediately impressed with how different the presentation looks from military resumes they’ve read in the past and should soon forget they are reading a military resume altogether. The applicant should use the language and industry terms specific to the chosen industry and profession. It is not necessary to repeat the military information at the closing of the resume, if it is the primary source of employment and therefore already noted in the dates and headings that come before.

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Pakistan’s military resumed air strikes in the troubled North Waziristan region on Monday, a day after the army launched a long-expected military operation against the Pakistani Taliban's main base in the tribal district bordering Afghanistan.

Please click on the links below to find the sample military resume of your choice. You will find a sample military resume for different services (Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, Navy) as well as for Officers and NCOs. We have also included a sample military resume for Sales targeted careers and one for military job seekers who already have civilian industry experience. The sometimes tricky part in creating a good military resume is how you go about explaining your work experience and translating that for the non military reader.